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The Last Days of Jericho - Thomas Brookside If not for getting the chance to read this book for free (yay Amazon lending library!) I might never have picked it up because it's self-published and well, I'm a snob. But I'm also really interested in fiction about the ancient world. It's rare to find a novel set during biblical times that doesn't have an agenda, and even more rare to find one that doesn't let its agenda get in the way of quality writing. Thomas Brookside manages to avoid both these traps and tell us another side of that story about the walls of Jericho, the story of a people being invaded and having to face an foe with terrifying and impossible to beat supernatural powers. That the god of Abraham was treated as supernatural at all is another unique thing about this book. When the narrator, a government official, witnesses the Israelite priests carrying their strange ark and describes the destructive pillars of light emerging from it and flattening entire army regiments I got chills. It was extremely well-plotted and was an intense, super-fast read. I couldn't put it down but was sad to see it end. This is one I'll probably revisit.